Tucked away in the narrow picturesque streets of Capri’s centre, as you step inside, you’re immediately enveloped in an energetic atmosphere designed to delight your senses with laughter, music, and the aromatic scents of mouth-watering dishes. The eclectic decor, vibrant colours, and imaginative design elements create an ambiance that sparks joy and sets the stage for a truly memorable evening. 

Godò has real Capri heritage, created and realised by a team of Caprese locals born and raised on the island whose dream is to share the “wonder” of their island. Godò offers the chance to enter the dreamy world of the magic of Capri – a wonderland of fantastical elements where you can expect the unexpected. 

Enjoy the signature cocktails and Champagne bar while dipping into the fresh and tasty Oyster Bar. Savour our Chef’s unique dishes created exclusively for Godò, inspired by his Capri roots and love of experimentation, promising an explosion of nuanced flavours. Have a good time listening to the sensual grooves of DJ Selector as the night evolves into the real essence of Capri nightlife – unforgettable memories.

“Godò” originates from the Italian verb “godere,” which means experiencing a profound sense of pleasure and satisfaction. So, say “Godò!” when you’re really loving something!

Let’s go to Godò!

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