Cocktail Event with 1861

  • Godò Capri

Join us, and sip back and relax!

Monday 24 July from 8.30 pm

Make sure to mark your calendar for this upcoming Monday, as we are hosting 1861 for an exclusive Cocktail Event that you won’t want to miss! We are thrilled to have 1861, a premium Italian gin brand. Their recipe includes 20 distinct botanicals, sourced from various regions of Italy, and is named after the year 1861, symbolizing our country’s unification. If you’re seeking a unique taste of Italy, then this gin is perfect for you. It features a combination of scents and tastes that reflect the beauty of our country.

Three skilled 1861 mixologists will showcase their expertise by creating amazing 1861 Signature Cocktails, including the Sabina, Negroni 1861, and Hanky Panky.

Why not come and hang out with us for a night filled with good times, great tunes, and some seriously delicious cocktails? We’d love to have you!

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  • Time : 20:30 - (Europe/Rome)


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